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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : GET-PREV( ) method

GET-PREV( ) method

Moves a query object's result list pointer back one row.
Return type: LOGICAL
Applies to: Query object handle


Specifies that no lock is applied to the record. This applies to all buffers in a join. Unless explicitly specified otherwise, this is the default lock type for this method.
Specifies that the record is share locked. This applies to all buffers in a join.
Specifies that the record is exclusively locked. This applies to all buffers in a join.
Specifies that the method returns immediately if the record cannot be accessed because it is locked by another user. If you do not use the NO-WAIT option, the method waits until the record can be accessed. This applies to all buffers in a join. If you specify NO-WAIT and the record is locked by another user, the record is returned to you with NO-LOCK and the LOCKED function returns TRUE for the record.
GET-PREV() returns TRUE if the previous record in the query is found. If the query is not open or the previous record cannot be found (query is empty or the query result list pointer is on the first row), the method returns FALSE. If the query object handle is invalid, the method returns the Unknown value (?).
A query that includes a BREAK BY phrase becomes a FORWARD-ONLY query. In this case you cannot use the GET-PREV() method. If you do, the AVM raises ERROR.