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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : GET-CLIENT( ) method

GET-CLIENT( ) method

Returns the handle to a copy of the sealed client-principal object that represents the user identity for the ABL session. If no identity has been established for the session using the SECURITY-POLICY:SET-CLIENT( ) method, this method returns the Unknown value (?).
Return type: HANDLE
Applies to: SECURITY-POLICY system handle


You can use the client-principal object returned by this function to set the user's identity for other ABL sessions or database connections.
To avoid a memory leak, you must explicitly delete the client-principal object whose handle is returned by this method when you no longer need it.
This method does not raise an ERROR condition unless it encounters an unexpected internal error.

See also

Client-principal object handle, GET-DB-CLIENT function, SET-CLIENT( ) method, SETUSERID function