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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : FIX-CODEPAGE statement

FIX-CODEPAGE statement

Sets the code page of an empty LONGCHAR variable. When set to a valid code page, the code page of the specified variable is fixed and overrides any default behavior in assignment operations (including the COPY-LOB, OVERLAY, and SUBSTRING statements).


FIX-CODEPAGE ( longchar ) = codepage
The name of a LONGCHAR variable. The variable must be set to the Unknown value (?) or the empty string (""). If the string length is greater than 0, the AVM returns an error.
A character expression that evaluates to the name of a code page. The name you specify must be a valid code page name available in DLC/convmap.cp. If codepage is the Unknown value (?), the code page of the LONGCHAR variable is not fixed.

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