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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : FIRST-TAB-ITEM attribute

FIRST-TAB-ITEM attribute

The first widget in the tab order of a field group.
Data type: HANDLE
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: FIELD-GROUP widget
When you set this attribute, the assigned widget is moved to the first tab position, preceding the widget that was previously at this position. Other widgets in the field group maintain their same relative tab positions.
To set the attribute, you must assign it the handle of a field-level widget or frame that can receive focus from a TAB event and that is also a child of the field group to which the attribute applies. If the FIRST-TAB-ITEM attribute is not set (that is, is the Unknown value (?)), the default first tab position goes to the widget identified by the FIRST-CHILD attribute of the field group.
For more information on how frames owned by a field group participate in the tab order of that field group, see the FRAME widget reference entry .
Note: Any tab reordering that you do with this attribute can be reset by a subsequent ENABLE statement unless you define the frame that owns the field group with the KEEP-TAB-ORDER option. For more information, see the ENABLE statement and Frame phrase reference entries.