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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : DELETE( ) method

DELETE( ) method

Deletes an item from a combo box, radio-set, or selection list.
Return type: LOGICAL
Applies to: BROWSE widget (column), COMBO-BOX widget, RADIO-SET widget, SELECTION-LIST widget

Syntax (combo-box, selection-list, or browse column)

This is the syntax for a combo-box, selection-list, or browse column.
DELETE ( list-index|list-item )
An integer expression that specifies the ordinal position of a value in the combo box list or selection list.
A character-string expression that specifies a single value or a delimiter-separated list of values in the widget.
The DELETE( ) method removes the item specified by list-index, or removes the specified list-item from the list. list-item can represent multiple items. For example, you might specify DELETE( "Chicago,Boston,New York" ), where the delimiter is a comma. The delimiter is a comma by default or is specified by the DELIMITER attribute. If the method is successful, it returns TRUE.
For browses, this method applies only to combo-box browse columns.

Syntax (radio-set)

This is the syntax for a radio-set.
DELETE ( label )
A character-string expression that specifies an item to delete from the radio-set.
The DELETE( ) method deletes the item from the radio-set, whose appearance changes depending on the user interface and the setting of the AUTO-RESIZE attribute. For all user interfaces, if AUTO-RESIZE is TRUE, the remaining items collapse toward the top to fill the gap left by the deleted item. If AUTO-RESIZE is FALSE in Windows, the remaining items are repositioned to evenly span the original radio-set dimensions; in character interfaces, the remaining items collapse upward as when AUTO-RESIZE is TRUE.
If the method is successful, it returns TRUE.
Note: A single call to DELETE can delete one or more items from a combo box or selection list, or one item from a radio set.