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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : DEFAULT attribute

DEFAULT attribute

Indicates whether the button is a default button.
Data type: LOGICAL
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: BUTTON widget
If the DEFAULT attribute is TRUE, the specified button is a default button. To make the specified button the default button for the frame, you must also set the frame's DEFAULT-BUTTON attribute to the handle of the button. A default button is one that handles all RETURN events when no other RETURN-enabling widget in the frame or dialog box has focus. RETURN-enabling widgets include any field-level widget for which a RETURN trigger is defined, or any button, whether or not it has a trigger defined. Thus, if a button has focus, that button handles the next RETURN event. If any other field-level widget without a RETURN trigger has focus, the default button handles the next RETURN event.
You can set this attribute only before the widget is realized.
Note: When the frame receives a default RETURN event, it actually sends a CHOOSE event to the default button. If the user presses the RETURN key while in a frame that has no default button, and the frame is part of a frame family, the AVM applies the CHOOSE event to the first default button it can find within the frame family in random order.