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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : DEBUG( ) method

DEBUG( ) method

Starts and initializes the Debugger, and immediately gives control to the Debugger in stand-alone mode while blocking the invoking procedure.
Return type: LOGICAL
Applies to: DEBUGGER system handle


This method has the same effect as starting OpenEdge with the Debugger (-debug) startup parameter, except that instead of running the Debugger from the OpenEdge command line, it runs it from the invoking procedure. The invoking procedure then waits to continue execution until the Debugger exits. Although the Debugger has no control over the invoking procedure, it can control any other procedure started with the Debugger RUN option.
If the Debugger starts successfully, this method returns TRUE after the Debugger exits. Otherwise, it returns FALSE with no effect.
Note: To use this method, you must have the Application Debugger installed in your OpenEdge environment.
For more information about running the Debugger in stand-alone mode, see OpenEdge Development: Debugging and Troubleshooting. For more information about the DEBUGGER system handle, see the reference entry for the DEBUGGER system handle.