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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : DATA-ENTRY-RETURN attribute


The behavior of the RETURN key for the fill-in widgets of a frame.
Data type: LOGICAL
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: SESSION system handle
If TRUE, the RETURN key in a fill-in acts like a TAB, and if the fill-in is the last widget in the tab order of its parent frame and of all ancestor frames, the RETURN key applies a GO event to the frame (behavior prior to Version 7). This GO event, from a fill-in RETURN, propagates to all ancestor frames and their descendants, including siblings of the current frame and their descendants, all in the same frame family. If a widget is not a fill-in, the window system handles RETURN entries.
The default value is TRUE for character interfaces and FALSE for graphical interfaces. The AVM ignores this attribute if there is a default button on the frame.