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ABL Reference
Class Events Reference : CreateRow event

CreateRow event

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)
The .NET event published when some user action initiates a create row operation in the bound .NET control (for example, clicking in a new empty row at the bottom of a control).
Return type: VOID
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.Data.BindingSource class
Delegate: Progress.Data.CreateRowEventHandler


The delegate for this event defines the following event handler signature:
     INPUT sender AS CLASS System.Object,
     INPUT args AS CLASS Progress.Data.CreateRowEventArgs
The name of the event handler.
Object reference to the BindingSource object instance that published the event.
Object reference to a CreateRowEventArgs object instance containing arguments for the event.
When this event occurs, create a new record in the ABL data source object and the current result set. You can also set any initial values you want presented to the user.
If the record was successfully created, set the Created property for the CreateRowEventArgs object to TRUE (the default value). If the record was not successfully created, set the Created property to FALSE.
Caution: After creating a row, do not reopen the query or invoke the Refresh( ) method as this might produce unexpected results.

See also

CancelCreateRow event, Created property, Progress.Data.CreateRowEventArgs class