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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : CREATE SOAP-HEADER statement


Creates an instance of a SOAP-header object dynamically at run time, and assigns its handle to the specified handle variable.


CREATE SOAP-HEADER handle [ IN WIDGET-POOL widget-pool-name ]
A variable of type HANDLE that represents the handle of the SOAP-header object.
IN WIDGET-POOL widget-pool-name
An expression of type CHARACTER that evaluates to the name of the widget pool in which the dynamic SOAP-header object is created.
Note: Widget pool names are not case-sensitive.


*Use the SOAP-header object to pass an input parameter to a response callback procedure and an output parameter to a request callback procedure. The SOAP HEADER object passed to the response callback is implicitly created by the AVM. In order to pass a SOAP HEADER object back from the request callback, the application needs to explicitly create it or use an object that it has previously saved.
*The SOAP-header object is either implicitly created by the AVM or explicitly created by the application using the CREATE SOAP-HEADER statement. In either case, the application is responsible for deleting the object.
You can delete a SOAP-header object and its underlying XML in one of two ways. You can:
*Use the DELETE OBJECT statement to delete the SOAP-header object directly.
*Set the lDeleteOnDone parameter in the request header callback procedure to TRUE, which directs the AVM to delete the SOAP header object after it copies the object's contents to the outbound SOAP message.
For more information about deleting SOAP-header objects, see OpenEdge Development: Web Services.

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