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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : Controls property

Controls property

(Windows only; Graphical interfaces only)
The component handle to the control collection that references the ActiveX controls in the control-frame.
Data type: COM-HANDLE
Access: Read-only
Applies to: CONTROL-FRAME widget, COM object
Because this release supports only one ActiveX control per control-frame, this control collection references only one control. Once you have the component handle to the control collection (collection-handle), you can get the component handle to the ActiveX control itself by invoking the Item( ) method of the control collection. (This is a standard ActiveX convention.) With support limited to a single control per control-frame, the only valid Item( ) method call is collection-handle:Item(1). Once you have the component handle to the actual ActiveX control, you can access the properties and methods of that control.
A simpler technique for getting a component handle to an ActiveX control is to reference its name directly as a property of the control-frame COM object. For more information, see the Control-Name property reference entry.
References to COM object properties and methods extend the syntax used for referencing widget attributes and methods. For more information, see Accessing COM object properties and methods.