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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : CAPS function

CAPS function

Converts any lowercase characters in a CHARACTER or LONGCHAR expression to uppercase characters, and returns the result. The data type of the returned value matches the data type of the expression passed to the function.


CAPS ( expression )
A constant, field name, variable name, or expression that results in a CHARACTER or LONGCHAR value.


In the following code example, the CAPS function converts the characters in the state field to uppercase:
  PROMPT-FOR Customer.CustNum.
  FIND Customer USING Customer.CustNum.
  UPDATE Customer.Name Customer.Address Customer.City Customer.State.
  Customer.State = CAPS(Customer.State).
  DISPLAY Customer.State.


*The CAPS function returns uppercase characters relative to the settings of the Internal Code Page (-cpinternal) and Case Table (-cpcase) startup parameters. For more information on these parameters, see OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.
*The CAPS function is double-byte enabled. The specified expression can yield a string containing double-byte characters; however, the CAPS function changes only single-byte characters in the string.

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