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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : CAN-SET function

CAN-SET function

Returns a logical value indicating whether you can set a specified attribute for a specified widget.


CAN-SET ( handle , attribute-name )
An expression that evaluates to a handle. The handle must refer to a valid widget.
An expression that evaluates to a character-string value. The contents of the string must be an attribute name. For more information on attributes, see the Handle Attributes and Methods Reference.


*For a field-level widget, the CAN-SET function always returns TRUE for the FRAME attribute; however, you can set the frame attribute only if the widget is dynamic. Therefore, before setting the FRAME attribute for a widget, you can test that the operation is valid with a statement similar to the following:
IF CAN-SET(my-handle, "FRAME") AND my-handle:DYNAMIC THEN
  my-handle:FRAME = frame-handle.
*For SpeedScript, use with buffer-field, buffer-object, buffer, and query-object handles.

See also

CAN-QUERY function, LIST-QUERY-ATTRS function, LIST-SET-ATTRS function