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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : BUFFER-VALUE( ) method

BUFFER-VALUE( ) method

The current value of a buffer-field object. If you modify the BUFFER-VALUE( ) method, the AVM sets the buffer-field object to the new value.
Data type: The data type of the corresponding buffer-field
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: Buffer-field object handle


BUFFER-VALUE ( [ i ] )
An integer expression representing a subscript, for fields that have extents.
The syntax for retrieving the value of a buffer-field object using a dynamic reference to a table field in a dynamic ProDataSet, temp-table, query, or buffer object can be awkward, especially when you know the table and field names at compile time. ABL provides a simpler way to express the same syntax, only in a short-hand form. For example, following is the typical syntax for referring to the CustNum buffer field in the Customer table through a ProDataSet handle:
Following is the short-hand form of the same syntax:
Note: Progress Software Corporation recommends that you do not set the call object's CALL-TYPE attribute to SET-ATTR-CALL-TYPE to set a BUFFER-FIELD object's BUFFER-VALUE ( ) method return value, since there in no way to run triggers for the target field.

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