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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : BUFFER-TENANT-ID function


Returns the tenant ID (as an integer) of the tenant that owns the current record in a specified buffer.


BUFFER-TENANT-ID ( buffer-name )
An identifier that specifies the name of a record buffer.
If the buffer is not populated with a record, this function returns the Unknown value (?). If the buffer is for a shared table, a temp-table, or for the default tenant of a multi-tenant table, the function returns the value zero (0).
If the buffer contains a record for a tenant group and the user is a super tenant, the function returns the tenant ID of one of the members of the group. The tenant ID returned is indeterminate, but is always the tenant ID of a tenant in the group.
For a regular tenant, the record in the buffer always belongs to that tenant. So, the function always returns the user's own tenant ID. This is true even if the record belongs to a tenant group.


*BUFFER-TENANT-ID can be used in a WHERE or TENANT-WHERE option as long as the buffer specified by buffer-name is not the same as the buffer of the query or FOR EACH statement.
*This function can be used by database triggers on the buffers passed to the trigger to get the tenant ID of these buffers. This allows the application provider to code tenant-specific database triggers.

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