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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : AUTO-COMPLETION attribute


(Windows only; Graphical interfaces only)
Specifies that the combo-box widget automatically complete keyboard input based on a potential match to items in the drop-down list.
Data type: LOGICAL
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: BROWSE widget (column), COMBO-BOX widget
When the AUTO-COMPLETION attribute is TRUE, the widget's edit control compares the input to the items in the drop-down list. After each incremental character keystroke, the edit control searches through the items in the drop-down list for a potential match. If a potential match is found, the full item is displayed in the edit control. The automatically completed portion of the item is highlighted. You can replace the highlighted portion of the item by typing over it, or delete the highlighted portion of the item using the DELETE key or the BACKSPACE key. The default value is FALSE.
For browses, this attribute applies only to combo-box browse columns.