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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : ADD-LIKE-FIELD( ) method

ADD-LIKE-FIELD( ) method

Adds a field, like the specified source field, to the temp-table.
This method cannot be called after TEMP-TABLE-PREPARE( ) has been called unless CLEAR( ) is called first.
Return type: LOGICAL
Applies to: Temp-table object handle


ADD-LIKE-FIELD ( field-name-exp ,
  source-buffer-field-handle-exp | source-db-field-name-exp )
A character expression that evaluates to the name of the field to be created in the temp-table.
A character expression that evaluates to a buffer-field handle from which to copy the field.
A character expression that evaluates to a database field name from which to copy the field. The table name must be qualified with the database name.
The following example fragments add a field to a temp-table, the first from a named source and the second from a buffer-field handle source:
tth:ADD-LIKE-FIELD(bfh:NAME, bfh).
Note: There is a limit to the number of fields that can be accommodated in a temp-table object. The limit depends on how large the field information (initial value, validate information, help messages, etc.) is, but you should plan on a limit of approximately 1,000 fields.