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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : ADD-COLUMNS-FROM( ) method


Creates a browse column for each field found in the specified buffer or table. If a field is found that already has a corresponding browse column created, it is ignored. This method can be used only after the browse's query attribute has been set.
Return type: LOGICAL
Applies to: BROWSE widget


ADD-COLUMNS-FROM ( buffer-handle |table-name-exp [ , except-list] )
The handle of a buffer associated with the browse's query.
The name of a table associated with the browse's query.
An expression that evaluates to a comma-separated list of field names to be excluded from the browse. Do not include the table name with these field names, and do not include spaces between field names.
The following is an example of adding browse columns from the Invoice table, excluding the fields, Amount and Total-Paid:
. . .
AddCol = BrwsHndl:ADD-COLUMNS-FROM("invoice", ExcList).
The ADD-COLUMNS-FROM( ) method may be used on a static browse as well as a dynamic browse. When used on a static browse, the browse will become a NO-ASSIGN browse (you must make the database updates).
A dynamic browse column's validation expression is restricted. It may not contain a CAN-FIND function. To reference the field, the FRAME-VALUE function must be used.
To create a combo-box or toggle-box browse column for a buffer-field, specify the widget type in the buffer-field's VIEW-AS attribute. A buffer-field's VIEW-AS attribute setting remains in effect for subsequent columns created for that buffer-field, until you change the attribute setting, and changing the attribute setting does not affect previously created columns. (The VIEW-AS attribute has no effect in character mode.)