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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : // Single-line comments

// Single-line comments

Allows you to add explanatory text to code. The comment begins with a double slash (//) and ends at a newline character (\n), a carriage return (\r), or the end of the file.


// comment
Descriptive text.
Note: Comments can be nested.


This example uses a comment to document a procedure modification:
// Procedure written 9/5/87 by CHC
// revised 9/27/87 by DG

  DISPLAY Customer.CustNum Customer.Name Customer.Contact Customer.Phone.
To be properly interpreted as the beginning of a single-line comment, the "//" must be preceded by a line break or white space. In the first line of code below, the text between "//" and the end of the line will be interpreted as a comment, but it will not in the second line:
RUN r-upord.p. // Update customer's orders

RUN r-upord.p.// Update customer's orders
Caution: If you need to use // at the beginning of a pathname, such as in RUN //dir1/file, the pathname will be interpreted as a comment because the // is preceded by a space. Enclosing the pathname in quotes ensures that the text following // will not be treated as a comment. Pathnames that contain // in their interior, such as in RUN parent//dir1/file, will work as expected.
Both multi-line comments and single-line comments can be nested inside a single-line comment.

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