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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : + Unary positive operator

+ Unary positive operator

Preserves the positive or negative value of a numeric expression. Do not confuse this operator with the addition operator that you use to add expressions together.


+ expression
An expression whose value is numeric.


In the r-unpos.p example, the sign of CreditLimit is preserved as is the sign of the sum of CreditLimit + 100. The unary positive is not necessary; it is used simply to document the procedure, as shown:
DEFINE VARIABLE old-max NO-UNDO LIKE CreditLimit LABEL "Old Limit".

FOR EACH Customer:
old-max =+ Customer.CreditLimit.
  Customer.CreditLimit =+ (Customer.CreditLimit + 100).
DISPLAY Customer.Name old-max Customer.CreditLimit.

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