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Programming Interfaces
Data Management : Database Access : Fetching field lists : Specifying field lists in ABL
Specifying field lists in ABL
In ABL, you can specify a field list in two contexts:
*Following each buffer name specified in a DEFINE QUERY statement
*Following the buffer name specified for fetching in each Record phrase of a FOR, DO PRESELECT, or REPEAT PRESELECT statement
This is the syntax for specifying a field list in all cases:
[ FIELDS [ ( [ field...] ) ]
  | EXCEPT [ ( [ field... ] ) ]
The recordbufname reference specifies the table buffer you are using for the fetch, and a field reference specifies a field in the table. If field is an array reference, the whole array is fetched. The FIELDS form lists the fields included in the fetch, and the EXCEPT form lists the fields excluded from the fetch. FIELDS without field references fetches enough information to return the ROWID of a record, and EXCEPT without field references or recordbufname alone fetches a complete record.
* Queries versus record selection blocks
* Shared queries