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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Named Pipes : Windows named pipes : Running the application
Running the application
Before you run the application, you must compile and link the C program. This procedure assumes that the name of the C executable is i-cpipe.
To run the application:
1. In Windows, open a command window, which resembles an MS-DOS box.
2. Enter prowin32 -p i-ablpip.p -1 sports2000 to start the OpenEdge process.
3. Enter i-cpipe to start the non-OpenEdge process.
4. In the C program, type 1 to select reading a named pipe.
5. In the ABL program, select Write to Pipe. The following occurs:
*The ABL program writes the customer name in each row of the customer table to the named pipe.
*The C program reads the named pipe and displays the customer names.
*The programs terminate.
You can rerun the application. In the C program, type 2 to select writing a named pipe, then type a customer number. In the ABL program, select Read from Pipe. The C program writes the customer number to the named pipe. The ABL program reads the named pipe, retrieves the row of the customer table with the specified customer number, and displays the row's columns.