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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Introduction to External Program Interfaces : UNIX shared library and Windows DLL support : Requirements for using shared libraries
Requirements for using shared libraries
The minimum requirement for working with shared libraries in ABL is knowledge of how to use the function parameters. Declaring shared library functions in ABL also requires a basic knowledge of C programming and of the operating system(s) on which your applications run.
It might be helpful for at least one programmer proficient in Windows or UNIX and C to provide the required shared library function declarations in include files. They might also want to write procedures or include files that appropriately create, set, and read any C structures used by the functions. All other ABL programmers only have to use the procedures and include files provided by this programmer. Otherwise, they execute the shared library functions like any ABL procedure.
For more information about accessing and executing Windows DLL routines and UNIX shared library routines, see Shared Library and DLL Support.