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Programming Interfaces
HLC Library Function Reference : Function reference : prordn( ) - Read DECIMAL Variable

prordn( ) - Read DECIMAL Variable

The prordn( ) function reads the value of a shared DECIMAL numeric variable.
On successful completion, prordn( ) returns 0; otherwise, it returns a non-zero value:


prordn ( psymnam, index, pvar, punknown, varlen, pactlen )
char *psymnam;
int index;
char *pvar;
int *punknown;
int varlen;
int *pactlen;
This input parameter points to the name of the specified shared DECIMAL numeric variable. You supply the name from your OpenEdge application.
This input parameter specifies an index value for an array variable. If the variable is not an array, you must set the value of index to 0.
This output parameter points to a buffer where prordn( ) returns the value of the specified DECIMAL numeric variable, formatted as a character string.
This output parameter points to an integer where prordn( ) returns 1 if the variable has the Unknown value (?), and returns 0 otherwise.
This input parameter contains the length of the buffer that pvar specifies.
This output parameter points to an integer where prordn( ) returns the actual length of the character string (in bytes) to which the DECIMAL numeric variable is converted.
See Also:
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