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Programming Interfaces
HLC Library Function Reference : Function reference : promsgd( ) - Display Message

promsgd( ) - Display Message

The promsgd( ) function displays messages on the display.
On successful completion, promsgd( ) returns a 0; otherwise, it returns a non-zero value:


promsgd ( pmessage )
char *pmessage;
This input parameter points to the message you want to display.
*On UNIX character-mode systems, when the terminal is under the control of ABL (in raw-mode terminal I/O), the messages appear at the bottom of the display. If the application previously set the terminal to cooked mode with a call to proscopn( ), the messages are written to the current output destination. If the current output destination is the display, the messages appear on the display in normal video, similar to the output of the standard C library function printf( ). For more information on raw- and cooked-mode terminal I/O in character mode, see Host Language Call Interface.
*In Windows, promsgd( ) displays messages in an alert box. Raw and cooked terminal I/O apply only to OpenEdge running on UNIX character-mode systems.
See Also:
proclear( ) - Clear the Display, prosccls( ) - Set Terminal To Raw Mode and Refresh, proscopn( ) - Set Terminal To Initial Mode