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Programming Interfaces
Input/Output Processes : Alternate I/O Sources : Changing the output destination : Output to files or devices
Output to files or devices
You can direct the report to a standard text file. Replace the PRINTER option of the OUTPUT TO statement in the Figure 24 figure with the following code:
In this OUTPUT TO statement, rpt-out is the name of the file where you direct the output. ON UNIX, the filename is case sensitive. That is, UNIX treats rpt-out and RPT-OUT as two different files. However, to most other operating systems, these are the same file.
The PAGED option indicates that you want a page break in the output every 56 lines. PAGED is automatic for output to a printer. If you do not use the PAGED option, ABL sends the data to the file continuously without any page break control characters.
You can also use the VALUE option to specify filenames stored in variables or fields. For information, see Sending output to multiple destinations .
Some operating systems (like UNIX) allow you to send output to devices other than printers, terminals, and disk files using a name (like a filename) to reference them. You redirect output to these devices exactly like files.