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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Sockets : Implementing an ABL socket server : Managing the server socket
Managing the server socket
After you create and enable a server socket to listen for and accept connections, you can perform the following management functions on the server socket:
*Control event sensitivity — At any time, you can make the server socket stop receiving CONNECT events by setting its SENSITIVE attribute to FALSE. You can, at any time, return it to listen for CONNECT events by setting SENSITIVE to TRUE. Thus, when SENSITIVE is FALSE, ABL still listens on the specified port, but temporarily stops accepting connections and posting CONNECT events.
*Disable listening for connections — You can permanently stop the server socket from accepting connections by invoking its DISABLE-CONNECTIONS( ) method. This stops the server socket from listening on the current port for new connections. However, all currently-connected sockets remain connected. If a client attempts to connect on the port, it receives an error.
*Delete the server socket object — You can delete a server socket object using the DELETE OBJECT statement. However, you must disable the server socket from listening for and accepting connections before you can delete it.