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Programming Interfaces
Input/Output Processes : Colors and Fonts : Managing color display limitations

Managing color display limitations

Although OpenEdge allows up to 256 colors to be defined in an environment, whether and how the widgets in each environment display these colors is system dependent. For example, if you have 256-color widgets displayed from three separate environments, and each environment defines an entirely different set of 256 colors, some of the widgets might not be displayed with the correct colors. If your display (driver and hardware) supports a maximum of 256 colors at one time, the 256-color widgets from only one of your environments can be displayed exactly as specified. All other widgets must be displayed incorrectly to allow the widgets from one environment to display correctly.
In general, no matter what your display limitations, OpenEdge tries to ensure that the current window (the window that has focus) displays correct colors at the expense of one or more other windows that are displayed, but do not have focus. You can also do the following to ensure that all of your widgets display with correct colors:
*Do not define more colors for all loaded and used environments than your display can simultaneously support.
*Hide any widgets, especially images, that you no longer need to display and whose color content exceeds the color capacity of your system.