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Programming Interfaces
Data Management : Application Security : Using cryptography to secure data : Managing and transporting crypto data
Managing and transporting crypto data
Crypto data consists of all the information required to maintain secure data. This includes the source data, typically in clear-text form; the encrypted or hashed data; all passwords, key values, and algorithms; and all platform parameters required to maintain the data, such as code pages for character strings and the byte endian order for binary values.
This section describes some of the basic objectives and requirements for managing crypto data in ABL. For more information on the larger and more complex factors that you need to consider when using cryptography, see the Security whitepaper prepared by OpenEdge Marketing, which can be found on the PSDN Web site.
Caution: Managing crypto data incorrectly can result in the loss of your original source data. You must ensure that all interactions with this data are both safe and secure.
* Objectives for crypto data management
* Requirements for crypto data management
* Crypto data storage
* Crypto data management and transport
* Planning for changes in size for encrypted data