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Programming Interfaces
Database Administration Entity Interface Reference : ISchema interface : ISchema properties

ISchema properties

Inherits properties from IDataAdminElement and defines the properties listed in the following table.
Table 106. Multi-tenant Maintenance ISchema interface properties
Property name
Data type
Provides access to the following IDataDefinitionOptions properties that allow you to read or write the corresponding load options:
*AddObjectsOnline — A LOGICAL property that that when set to TRUE allows schema to be loaded into an online database, which is the same as setting SchemaChange to "NEW OBJECTS"
*FileName — A CHARACTER property that specifies the name of the data definition (.df) file from which schema is loaded
*ForceCommit — A LOGICAL property that that when set to TRUE forces the changes to the schema to be committed even when an error is raised.
*ForceIndexDeactivate — A LOGICAL property that when set to TRUE deactivates any new indexes in the loaded schema.
*ForceSharedSchema — A LOGICAL property that when set to TRUE forces all loaded tables and sequences to be shared, regardless of any multi-tenant settings.
*SchemaChange — A CHARACTER property that sets and returns the SCHEMA-CHANGE attribute on the SESSION system handle ("NEW OBJECTS", blank (""), or the Unknown value (?))
All other IDataDefinitionOptions properties are reserved for OpenEdge use only.
Set to a collection of IPartition objects for all partitions in the loaded schema. The value is populated after executing the UpdateSchemaChanges( ) or LoadSchemaChanges( ) service methods.

1 This interface is currently defined in the OpenEdge.DataAdmin.Binding package, which is supported for OpenEdge use only. You can access the documented properties of the referenced IDataDefinitionOptions object. However, to minimize future changes to your application code, do not define any application data elements using this interface type. A future release of OpenEdge will provide a public interface that you can use to define object references in your code. In this release, make all references to properties of the IDataDefinitionOptions object using chained references directly on the LoadOptions property, for example, LoadOptions:ForceIndexDeactivation = true.