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Programming Interfaces
Input/Output Processes : Creating Reports : Generating reports from multiple tables

Generating reports from multiple tables

You have already learned all the language syntax necessary to:
*Sort information
*Relate information from different tables
*Derive new data with calculations and aggregate options
The reports you have seen so far display data from a single table (the Customer table) and demonstrate one or two reporting features. Real world reports, however, frequently do a little bit of everything as they strive to organize lots of information and calculate useful summary information.
For example, suppose the All Around Sports accounting department needs to analyze delinquent accounts. To do their jobs, the accountants need information on customers, orders, and inventory. To get all the data they need, the report requires information from four tables: the Customer, Order, OrderLine, and Item tables. The rest of this section builds a report that gathers and organizes information from these four tables and performs some summary calculations on the data.
* Reporting information from one table
* Reporting information from two tables
* Reporting information from multiple tables