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Programming Interfaces
Data Management : ABL API for Multi-tenant and Table Partition Management : Executing DataAdminService utilities

Executing DataAdminService utilities

The DataAdminService has an ExecuteUtility( ) service method, which executes supported utility operations. These can, in principle, be any type of operation that is not a regular CRUD operation supported by the entity service methods. The main purpose is to support existing data administration utilities (like dump and load) and OpenEdge command-line utilities like PROUTIL.
The supported utility operations are provided by a single IDataAdminUtility interface and a set of implementing utility classes. The utility interface and classes are in the OpenEdge.DataAdmin.Util package. The current release supports DeallocateUtility, PartitionMergeUtility, and PartitionSplitUtility class.
* IDataAdminUtility interface
* DeallocateUtility class
* PartitionMergeUtility class
* PartitionSplitUtility class