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Data Management : Application Security : Elements for authenticating ABL user identity

Elements for authenticating ABL user identity

As noted in previous sections, authentication is the process of validating a user's identity. The identity validation mechanism depends on the authentication system used, and whether it supports user authentication, single sign-on (SSO), or both. Generally, if an authentication system supports user authentication, it also supports SSO. If it supports only SSO, the ABL application must perform the user authentication. For more information on OpenEdge support for user authentication, SSO, and authentication systems, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Identity Management.
The following sections describe the basic features for authenticating user identities in ABL applications. For more information on managing user identities in ABL, see Authenticating and managing user identity in ABL
* Authentication systems supported in ABL
* Specifying user IDs and passwords in ABL
* Password encryption
* Security tokens in ABL