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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Providing Help for OpenEdge Applications : Field-level online help : Status messages : Defining help text with the AppBuilder
Defining help text with the AppBuilder
Within the AppBuilder, you can specify a help string for a field-level object in its Advanced Properties dialog box.
To define help text for a field-level object in the AppBuilder:
1. Open your window (.w) file in the AppBuilder.
Note: Make sure that the status area of your window is enabled. To check this option, select the design window's title bar then click Object Properties from the AppBuilder toolbar. The property sheet for the window appears. Verify the Status-Area option is checked.
2. Double-click on a field-level object, such as a button. The property sheet for the object appears.
3. Click Advanced in the property sheet. The Advanced Properties dialog box appears.
4. Type a help message in the Help field. In this example, the message "Cancel the operation and exit." was added for a Cancel button:
5. Click OK to close the Advanced Properties dialog box.
6. Click OK again to close the property sheet.
7. Save the window. The help string that you typed in the Advanced Properties dialog box becomes part of a HELP option of a FORMAT phrase in the DEFINE FRAME statement generated by the AppBuilder.
8. Run the window and select the object (in this example, the Cancel button). The help text appears in the status area of the window: