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Data Management : Auditing : Developing auditing tools : Custom audit archiving tools
Custom audit archiving tools
OpenEdge provides core support for archiving audit data from short-term audit-trail storage to long-term audit-trail storage. The Audit Archiving utility provided with OpenEdge allows you to:
*Archive audit data (move selected audit data records and copy other supporting records) from active short-term storage in an OpenEdge RDBMS to long-term storage in the form of audit binary dump (.adb) files.
*Calculate and store an HMAC data integrity value along with the archived audit data that can be used to verify that the data has not been tampered with before it is loaded into another OpenEdge RDBMS. (An HMAC is a form of message authentication code that uses a secret key.)
*Purge audit data (delete selected audit data records) from the short term storage with or without an archive of the same data.
*Load audit data contained in .adb files into an audit-enabled OpenEdge RDBMS.
*Run multiple concurrent instances of the utility, which handle record access conflicts through a record locking protocol. This same record locking protocol allows you to run the utility on a live database without the need to take it offline.
For more information on the OpenEdge Audit Archiving utility, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing.
* Accessing the audit data and supporting tables
* Handling archiving requirements
* Audit archiving security