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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Host Language Call Interface : Using HLC library functions : Data type conversion : Converting ABL data types to C language data types
Converting ABL data types to C language data types
When you use an HLC library function to read data from an ABL shared buffer or shared variable, the HLC library function converts the ABL data type of the buffer or variable to a C language data type.
For example, the prordbd() HLC library function allows you to read from an ABL date field in a shared buffer. Among the parameters you pass to prordbd() are pyear, pmonth, and pday, all defined as pointers to integer in your C code. The prordbd() function converts the single date value within the buffer to separate C language integer values and inserts the values in the memory locations to which pyear, pmonth, and pday point.
See HLC Library Function Reference for details on the parameters each HLC library function uses and the data types of these parameters.