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Programming Interfaces
Data Management : Application Security : Authenticating and managing user identity in ABL : Authenticating and setting user identity : Configuring login sessions
Configuring login sessions
If you want the user login session recorded in an OpenEdge RDBMS, you must select the Record Authenticated Client Sessions option in the Database Options dialog box of the Data Administration tool or the character-mode Data Dictionary. With client session recording enabled, for each user login session that you successfully start, OpenEdge generates a single _client-session record keyed on the user login session ID.
Note: The user login session ID, which uniquely identifies a user login session, is different from any user identity established for the session using a client-principal. Multiple unique user login session records can exist for the same user identity, whether the it is a session identity or a database connection identity.
The contents of this record come from selected attributes of the client-principal object handle, selected ABL session attributes, and, if auditing is enabled, values derived from active audit policy data. For more information on the _client-session table and relevant audit policy data, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing.
Note: If the database is also audit-enabled, the recorded user login session ID identifies an audit event context used to record several user login session audit events. For more information on using audit event context, see Auditing.