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Introducing the OpenEdge DataSet : Using ProDataSets : ProDataSets and temp-tables : Temp-tables compared to database tables
Temp-tables compared to database tables
A temp-table allows you to define a table that is not part of any persistent database. You can use temp-tables within a session or pass them between sessions. Temp-tables provide in-memory buffering of data and transparent overflow to a temporary database on disk when necessary. You can define a temp-table as being LIKE a database table, and you can add fields of any type to this definition, or you can define the table as a set of fields independent of any particular database table. You can create, read, update, and delete records in the temp-table much as you can with records in a database table. You can define indexes to manage large sets of data efficiently. You can access the records in the table with FIND and FOR EACH logic or with queries.