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Introducing the OpenEdge DataSet : Overview : ProDataSets and Microsoft ADO.NET DataSets

ProDataSets and Microsoft ADO.NET DataSets

ProDataSets map very closely to the ADO.NET DataSets defined by Microsoft as its new standard for data access. This mapping allows you to pass a ProDataSet from OpenEdge to .NET (by using the support for .NET in the OpenEdge 10 Open Client) and have it received as an ADO.NET DataSet with no loss of either data or definitional information. The same DataSet can then be passed back to business logic on an OpenEdge AppServer, which can process the changes and write them to the database.
In this way, the ProDataSet extends the power of expressing business logic in ABL and the requirements for open applications that can be partitioned between OpenEdge and other technologies, such as .NET.