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Introducing the OpenEdge DataSet : Defining a static ProDataSet : Getting the handle to a static ProDataSet

Getting the handle to a static ProDataSet

Later you will learn how to create a dynamic ProDataSet that you access through its handle. In the meantime, it is important to know that you can access the handle of a static ProDataSet in the same way that you can for other ABL objects. To get an object handle to a static ProDataSet, you simply assign the ProDataSet's HANDLE attribute to a variable of type HANDLE. This is the syntax for the ProDataSet object HANDLE attribute:


handle-var = DATASET dataset-name:HANDLE.
In the case of the sample ProDataSet:

hDSOrder = DATASET dsOrder:HANDLE.
Through the handle to a ProDataSet, you can access all its attributes and methods, along with its sub-elements (its temp-tables, queries, buffers, relations, and so on.) and their attributes and methods.
As we go along, you will learn the new object attributes defined for the ProDataSet. Standard ABL object attributes that are valid for ProDataSets include: