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Introducing the OpenEdge DataSet : Defining a static ProDataSet : Using the REPOSITION Data-Relation : Example with REPOSITION set: loading
Example with REPOSITION set: loading
Alternatively, if you define or set the REPOSITION attribute of the relation, when the AVM fills the ProDataSet, it disregards the relation fields of that Data-Relation and fills that table independent of its parent. This means that, by default, the AVM loads all records from the child table's database buffer into the temp-table. Or, if you have prepared a specific query for the child table's Data-Source, then the records that satisfy the query are loaded.
Using the same example for OrderLines and their Items, with REPOSITION set to true, the AVM loads all Items into ttItem regardless of whether or not they are used by OrderLines in this instance of the ProDataSet. This makes the entire list of Items available for display and selection in the user interface, or within business logic that uses the ProDataSet. You can set REPOSITION true or false for this type of relation, depending on your application requirements.