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Data Access and Business Entity Objects

Data Access and Business Entity Objects

This book has developed a series of increasingly advanced examples on how to use the ProDataSet object. As the later chapters illustrate, you can mask some of the advanced features of the ProDataSet by standardizing your use of ProDataSets and building parts of the data management behavior into generic procedures to handle any ProDataSet using dynamic access through its handle. The sample procedure commitChanges.p you developed earlier demonstrates these techniques.
You can also establish standard templates for procedures that provide and use static definitions of ProDataSets and their temp-tables as well as business logic procedures with object-specific ABL logic.
This chapter discusses in more detail some of the basic principles you should consider when you design your procedures in this way. In particular, it continues the discussion of how you should consider your Data Access objects and procedures as distinct from your Business Entity objects and procedures. (Data Access objects define and reference the database tables or other sources of data for your ProDataSets. Business Entity objects apply your business logic to the internal data definitions in your temp-tables and the ProDataSets themselves.)
* ProDataSets and the OpenEdge Reference Architecture
* Data Access object
* Business Entity object
* Business logic options
* Summary