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Advanced Update Operations

Advanced Update Operations

Previous chapters introduced you to the language syntax, attributes, and methods that support processing database updates through a ProDataSet. That introduction was somewhat complicated, as it was necessary to cover all the different ways of handling ProDataSet changes, including the attributes and methods that you can use when the higher-level methods provided do not do everything you need to do. In most cases, however, the high-level methods such as GET-CHANGES, SAVE-ROW-CHANGES, and MERGE-CHANGES can make collecting changes and applying them to the database straightforward. This chapter takes this simplification a step further. It shows you how to create general purpose dynamic procedures that encapsulate all the client-side and all the server-side steps used in handling a set of changes. These include applying multiple changes to the database within a single procedure, with the looping mechanism provided to locate all the changed rows and save the changes in an appropriate order. The chapter also extends the sample procedures you have written so far for Order management into something more like a real business object or business entity. The samples encapsulate the Data-Source management procedure, validation logic, and the API other procedures use to access the entity.
* Creating a data access procedure for the Order ProDataSet
* Building a business entity procedure to support the ProDataSet
* Building general update procedures for client and server
* Running standard validation procedures on update
* Summary