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Object-oriented Programming
Programming with Class-based Objects : Using the Progress.Lang.ParameterList class

Using the Progress.Lang.ParameterList class

Progress.Lang.ParameterList is a built-in ABL class that provides a set of properties and methods in support of specific overloaded versions of the Invoke( ) method and the New( ) method of the Progress.Lang.Class class. A Progress.Lang.ParameterList object stores the parameter values for a specified method or constructor call and is used to pass all parameters. For example, if your method or class constructor takes five parameters, your application creates a Progress.Lang.ParameterList object defined to hold five parameters. The Progress.Lang.ParameterList:SetParameter( ) method provides data for each parameter element. You can also use a Progress.Lang.ParameterList instance for invoking a method or instantiating a class via the Progress.Reflect.Method and Progress.Reflect.Constructor objects.
This section describes how to get an instance of the Progress.Lang.ParameterList class and how to use its public properties and methods.
* Getting and using a Progress.Lang.ParameterList instance
* Using Progress.Lang.ParameterList methods and properties