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Object-oriented Programming
Getting Started with Classes, Interfaces, and Objects : Using the CLASS construct : Namespaces for naming class members : Static class members
Static class members
Static type-name syntax, when it includes a package name, uses the same syntax as references to tables and fields, as shown in the following table.
Table 3. Table and static type-name syntax naming convention
Static type-name syntax
This causes the namespaces of static type-name references to overlap with the namespaces of tables, buffers, and fields. For more information on static type-name syntax, see Accessing static members.
Note: The class member namespace design was added to make it easier to migrate your application from procedural-based to object-oriented. Your application might have taken advantage of the fact that ABL allows a number of data members to be named the same. This feature allows the same capability within a user-defined class.