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Object-oriented Programming
Getting Started with Classes, Interfaces, and Objects : Using the CLASS construct : Defining class constructors : Comparison with procedure-based programming
Comparison with procedure-based programming
An instance constructor for a class is similar to the main block of a persistent procedure. Parameters passed to a class's constructor are similar to parameters passed to a persistent procedure when it is run. When you instantiate a class using the NEW function, the specified constructor executes as part of the class constructor hierarchy and returns to the caller with the object reference to the instantiated class. The caller can then use this object reference to access public data members and properties and to call public methods on this class-based object. When a procedure is first run PERSISTENT, the code in its main block executes and returns to the caller, setting the procedure object handle. The caller can then access any variables that it shares globally with the procedure object and can use the procedure object handle to run internal procedures and user-defined functions in the procedure object.