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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Generating Proxies and Web Service Definitions : Open Client interfaces : Objects in an Open Client interface : ProcObjects or procedures?
ProcObjects or procedures?
ProxyGen allows you to distinguish between non-persistent, persistent, single-run, and singleton procedures for all external procedures that you include in your Open Client interface. ABL makes an external procedure non-persistent, persistent, single-run, or singleton by the way you invoke the procedure, not by the procedure's definition. You can include any OpenEdge external procedure in an Open Client interface as non-persistent, persistent, single-run, or singleton, with the restriction that a procedure with parameters in its main block cannot be run as single-run or singleton. For SOAP Web services and Open Client proxies, however, access to the functionality of a non-persistent procedure is very different compared to a ProcObject, and it requires different object management, depending on the session model (see Session models) and object types involved.