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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Generating Proxies and Web Service Definitions : Getting started with ProxyGen : Running Batch ProxyGen : Differences on UNIX and Windows platforms
Differences on UNIX and Windows platforms
Batch ProxyGen runs on UNIX in the same way as on Windows platforms, with the following limitations:
*It works only for projects that define Java proxies and Web service interfaces. You can generate .NET proxies only on Windows platforms.
*It automatically converts compatible Windows pathnames to UNIX pathnames, as follows:
*It ignores all drive letter references in project files generated by ProxyGen on Windows platforms. As a result, all absolute path names in the project descend from root (/).
*It automatically changes back slashes (\) to forward slashes (/).
Note: When you generate project (.xpxg) files for use with Batch ProxyGen on UNIX systems, make sure all pathnames you specify are portable to your UNIX machine. This includes the output directory, compiler path, and PROPATH settings. Using any other Windows-specific naming convention results in a nonportable project file.