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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Generating Proxies and Web Service Definitions : Defining an AppObject or SubAppObject : Creating AppObject and SubAppObject entries

Creating AppObject and SubAppObject entries

To create a new AppObject definition, choose File > New from the ProxyGen menu bar or the New button from the ProxyGen toolbar. ProxyGen closes any open project and creates a new project for the new Open Client interface definition, adding an unnamed AppObject entry at the root of the navigation tree view. ProxyGen also displays the tab folders for this AppObject with the entry selected in the tree view.
To create a SubAppObject, choose SubAppObject > New from the menu bar. ProxyGen adds an unnamed SubAppObject entry to the navigation tree view and selects it, displaying the tab folders to define the SubAppObject.
The tab folders for defining both the AppObject and any SubAppObjects are identical; however, the definitions you enter apply only to the entry selected in the tree view. Also, as you select an entry in the TreeView, the field values in the AppObject and Procedures tab folders change to the settings for the selected AppObject or SubAppObject.