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Open Client Introduction and Programming
Generating Proxies and Web Service Definitions : Getting started with ProxyGen : Converting a project file from Progress Version 9 to OpenEdge : Converting using the PXGConvert utility
Converting using the PXGConvert utility
You can also convert a Progress Version 9 project file using the PXGConvert command-line utility.
To run PXGConvert, enter the following command at the Windows or UNIX command prompt:
bpxgconvert -pxgfile Version9-project-filename.pxg
           [-xpxgfile project-filename.xpxg]
The name and path of the Version 9 project file containing the Open Client interface.
xpxgfile project-filename.xpxg
Optionally specifies the new project file name and path. If this is not specified, the new project file is saved to the same location as Version9-project-filename, with the same root name, and the .xpxg extension.